Thursday, 13 December 2012

WIP update : Heroes and Villains

Almost ready to prime.

Both the Von Lochov Praetorian and the Devotee have since gotten fitting shoulder pad detailing that completely hides the Cadian feel. The trio, together with the Chastener (the dual pistol guy) and Servo-skull, both shown earlier, received a coat of primer today.

I like how the B&Ws hide what I sculpted and what is standard parts.

Devotee is heading for the BAD retinue. The +I+ not decided yet, the Praetorian is Legion, Von Lochov's personal Praetorian.

... stories will be written ....


  1. Beautiful work as always, although half the fun with your models is trying to work out where all the bits come from.


  2. Very convincing, and I particularly like the pose of the librarian conversion.

  3. Thanks Gents, I must add the final detail work on the shoulder guards really made a massive difference for better :) Really underlined the feel of these characters.

  4. Great work on the Librarian... ripe for conversion the model, as are the Cultists from DV.

  5. Evening Mate,

    The new Inquisitor is great, wonderful/clever use of parts. You make a very good point about using SM parts to represent humans since your Gods of War are so brutally scaled.

    Really like what you are doing with DV cultists. The chap with the hook has a lovely pose with the hammer. I like the idea of a wrist mounted gun but I'm not sure about the size of the storm bolter. The belt feed definitely feels right though.

    I'm also rather fond of the way you've sculpted the parchment on the purity seals.


  6. Peter I think it's a fair point, if the Praetorian was part of the trilogy, I might have custom built something, but alas, I have to draw a line somewhere in this insanity to get the army (most extremely ever converted one perhaps) to playing strength.

    I'm sure I can get it pretty balanced with paint though. Braking that boxy shape with the right color and weathering will go a long way.

    And thank you both!