Wednesday, 22 February 2012

"A Series of unfortunate modeling setbacks and other updates"

That's what my log at a friendly forum is called these days. 2012 has begun with a wonderful time at work and home, but success and failure working against my modeling and hobby time. 60 Hour workweeks, active family life and a few competing hobbies, coupled with odd little setbacks finish off what nuggets of time I have left in the weeks.

As an example, two lamps I ordered almost two months ago, still haven't arrived - despite the store having dispatched them twice they claim.

Anyway, slowly, and daylight permitting, I've worked on. I've added detail and things to my desk and worked on my Coteaz count as Inquisitor - the hourglass guys. So much so, that a few fixes and newly named Lord Inquisitor Nestor is now ready for primer. It's quite likely he will inherit Borsus and Valencia, the two just fit him right and enable me to move swiftly towards a gaming legal army of XX Legion and it's operatives. The upcoming Warhammer 40000 6th Edition is becoming a nice goal - reinforced by the guilt I feel for having probably only played five or so games of with edition.

Seeing some great models from friends with more balanced lives have been another steady motivator. It's good to be around folks like that, even if only in the inter realm.

In the context of standard GW models, the imagery of the new +I+ may be somewhat marinesque, but consider the massive Legion marines of mine, more than head taller and twice as wide and this guy fits very well in to my project as an able male in powered armor. I intend to have a strong contrasting paint scheme of noble, intimidating detail and blunt, worn out reality. As with the Legion theme, lit by eerie moonlight more than Emperor's grace.

I'm thankful of the few of you who still read this blog and I will do my best to make it more worthwhile armed with enough light and motivated with the dawning 6th.



  1. Hey, no worries there buddy!
    We'll keep reading alright=)

    This looks amazing!

  2. He looks spectacular! Beautiful blend of parts : )


  3. Really is a nice mix of parts. Primered, it'd be difficult to even know it was a mix.

    Excited to see paint on all three of these lovelies.

    - Dai

  4. He looks great Migs! Everyone looks better with the addition of power-armour nipples!

    Good to see you making progress even if it is much slower than you'd personally like: the quality always more than compensates for quantity, so don't sweat it, we'll still be reading!

  5. Stunning...
    I always love to see the level of detail you put into a piece. You never fail to inspire.

    I really must expand my bits-box so I can make use of these creative urges when they happen upon me...

  6. That Inquisitor is absolutely stunning!
    Like others have said, you never fail to inspire!

  7. Really once, characterful inquisitor.

    Almost makes me nostalgic for playing daemonhunters :)

    Thanks for sharing this.

  8. Thanks ever so much for your kind words. I really needed some encouragement this time, to brake the rust and gain some momentum.

    I forgot to mention he is made of more than 40 parts! (more than a rhino kit has) and some pretty extensive green stuff work in the legs, that is actually pretty much covered by all the gear.

    I called the light company and gave them some "feedback". Hoping for speedy results and moving on to painting sooner.

  9. I love the Inquisitor! Great work. Even if you think that the progress is slow atleast the results are worth it.

  10. Marvelous kit-bashing indeed! Can('t) wait to see him and his retinue ready ;)

  11. Great work. But where did you find that big book bit you've used? I'm after book bits...

  12. Fantastic. And worth the wait.
    Love the owl.
    Speaking of bits I just realised where the hammer head on his weapon comes from...
    There is a continueing line between the projects it seems.

  13. Mr.Phiq, is it not from the Empire flagellants?

  14. I think it turned out great!

    Favourite parts are the hammer's head and the BFG guns on his wrist.
    Love the way you have managed to fill him with details just about everywhere.


  15. I love it, I'd love a model like that leading from the front, nice centre piece.

  16. That is awesome! The owl and the pose, all of it! The hanchmen are out of control as well. Very nice work!

  17. Thank you gentlemen.

    Yes, the book is from flagellants, a real treasure trove for +I+ bits.

    The guy is now ready for priming so I need to make my first trip to the local minishop.

  18. Hi there
    great conversion... But may I ask, where did you obtain the owl? OR would you know where I can obtain an eagle/hawk/raven etc..?

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